Students Rise to Great Chefs Challenge in 2023

It’s been an exciting year of culinary highlights in 2023, and among them was the Great Chefs program, where commercial cookery students rose to the challenge and showcased their flair and skills.

From Singapore to Perth - and a future in International Management

William Angliss Institute Singapore is an excellent starting point for Hospitality Management studies before moving to an international university - and your future career.

Clarity, Exposure and Experience are the crucial gains

Viewing hospitality and tourism piecing together, Chanuka chose to study the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management in Singapore before specialising in tourism studies in Canada.

Following his passion: From India to Singapore to Australia

Before moving to Melbourne, Australia, Jashanjit Singh from Chandigarh in Punjab completed the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management in Singapore, where he connected with Tourism & Hospitality professionals.

It was always about William Angliss Institute for me; in Australia or Singapore

Indonesian student at William Angliss Institute Singapore, Richard N. Risman has secured employment at Marriott Hotel in South Jakarta as an Event Coordinator. “This exciting first job would not have been possible without my studies at the William Angliss Institute Singapore” says Richard.

Learning from the best inspired me to join William Angliss Institute Singapore

Clarissa’s journey from Jakarta to Singapore to study with William Angliss Institute is just the beginning. With new found skills and confidence she is ready to explore her learning journey in Paris!