Vision, Mission and Values

Statement of Vision

The leading educational provider within South East Asia of hospitality, tourism, foods and culinary arts knowledge and expertise.


Mission Statement

To deliver the highest quality specialist skills and education to inspire, empower and develop people passionately devoted to being service industry professionals, leaders and innovators. 



Personal Responsibility Accountable, responsive, with integrity, respect and impartiality and acknowledging human rights.
Inspiration Passionate, stimulating and optimistic.
Empowerment Nurturing, encouragement and challenging.
Community Sharing, partnership and connections.
Expertise Leadership, innovation and industry practice.


William Angliss Institute seeks to develop an engaging environment to work or study, specifically, a culture which:

  • Models mutual respect, nurturing, listening, empowering and feeling valued.
  • Encourages and recognises innovation, being proactive and keeping abreast of industry trends and pedagogy.
  • Builds teamwork through collaboration and consultation across operational activities.
  • Supports professionalism through transparency, accountability and continuous improvement.