About the course

Accelerated William Angliss Institute (WAI) Tourist Guide Training Programme/ Accelerated William Angliss Institute (WAI) Tourist Guide Training Programme (Mandarin)  prepares you to become a Tourist Guide, Docent or Attractions Guide in Singapore or abroad.

The course prepares participants in all key areas recognised as significant in tour guiding in Singapore. For those interested in becoming a licenced Tourist Guide in Singapore, this course is a pre-requisite to becoming a licensed Tourist Guide.

Once participants pass our assessment, you will be officially licenced to conduct tours in Singapore.


What you'll learn

Accelerated William Angliss Institute (WAI) Tourist Guide Training Programme/Accelerated William Angliss Institute (WAI) Tourist Guide Training Programme (Mandarin)  aims to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to promote Singapore as a tourist destination.

Learners will gain practical experience in writing tour commentary, conducting tours and liaising with tourists and visitors from all over the world.



Course Intake

To be advised

Course Funding Period

To be advised

Course Duration

1.5 months (Full-time)

3 months (Part-time)

Average Teacher - Student Ratio

1 teacher to a maximum of 20 students

Course Hours

The duration of the Accelerated Tourist Guide Training Programme is 137 hours:

  • Skills Training - 69 Hours
  • Themes Training - 68 Hours


Mode of Instruction

This programme shall be delivered with the help of several methods:


  •  Interactive Lecture Presentation
  •  Group Discussion
  •  Peer Learning
  •  Web Research
  •  Self Paced
  •  E-learning
  •  On-Site Guided Field Trip




Course Structure


Skills Training:

a. Prepare Engaging Tour Commentary

b. Present effective tour experience

c. Promote Cultural Intelligence

d. Manage Tours

e. Respond to service situations

f. Handle emergency situations in tours

g. Create Your Own Persona


Themes Training:

Theme 1 – Pre-Colonial & Colonial History

Theme 2 – Post-Independence History & Development of Singapore

Theme 3 – Culture, Faith, Attire & Cuisine

Theme 4 – Geographic, Economic & Demographic data of Singapore

Theme 5 – Heritage highlights

Theme 6 – City Highlights 

Entry Requirements and Eligibility


Applicants for the course are required to undergo a comprehensive screening process to evaluate both their language proficiency and general suitability for the course



SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy: To be advised
SkillsFuture Credit: To be advised
PSEA: To be advised
UTAP: To be advised

Other charges

To be advised

Accelerated Tourist Guide Training Programme

Before GST

$S 3,288.00

Assessment Fee

Before GST                 *Waived on first attempt   


$S 650.00


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