Trainer Megan Harris 130x130.jpg

Ms Megan Harris

Head of Sales & Marketing and Academic Services
Trainer Rashmi Kulkarni 130x130.jpg

Ms Rashmi Kulkarni

Program Leader and Industry Trainer 


Geraldine Yan

Program Leader and Industry Trainer 

Trainers Nick Hyland 130x130.jpg

Nick Hyland

Industry Trainer & Resource Development
Trainer Carrol Seah 130x130.jpg

Carrol Seah

Finance Trainer and Resource Development


Vincent Leng

Industry Trainer 


Adeline J Rajamanickam

Industry Trainer & Training Coordinator

Trainer Alex Wee 130x130.jpg

Alex Wee

Adjunct Trainer

Trainer Jean Wang 130x130.jpg

Jean Wang

Adjunct Trainer

Trainer Nick Oxborrow 130x130.jpg

Nicholas Oxborrow

Adjunct Trainer
Trainer Annie You 130x130.jpg

Annie You

Adjunct Trainer
Trainer Andy Tanamas 130x130.jpg

Andy Tanamas

Adjunct Trainer
Trainer Karen Chen 130x130.jpg

Karen Chen

Adjunct Trainer
Trainer Olivia Chey 130x130.jpg

Olivia Chey

Adjunct Trainer
Trainer Pauline 130x130.jpg

Pauline Teo

Adjunct Trainer
Jason Tan_SG Trainer_resized.jpg

Jason Tan

Adjunct Trainer

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