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Short Courses

2022 Destination Singapore Training Program

This course is delivered as in an interactive program, focusing on understanding tourist needs, curating unique itineraries and developing your communication, presentation and customer service skills.

WSQ Implement Operations with Positive Service Experience

This course will provide your team members with the tools for the job - service excellence, communication team dynamics and how to implement changes are all explored.

WSQ Prepare Mise En Place for Food & Beverage Service

This course will provide you with the skills in identifying the different equipment and components in the dining environment, using these components to give customers an amazing experience, preparing for shift change-over and also cleanliness including personal hygiene. 

WSQ Manage Customer Orders and Service

Learn to be the best host for your dinner parties, or jump into the exciting F&B career starting with hosting skills. This course provides you with the knowledge and skills in preparing to welcome guests, interacting with guests, taking F&B orders, clearing the dishes after meals and also how to “dabao” or store excess food and ingredients in a safe and hygienic way.

WSQ Respond to Service Challenges and Opportunities

Embrace excellence in service! Enhance Customer Service by building team confidence and resilience. Develop critical skills for staff in addressing challenges and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

WSQ Design the Desired Customer Experience

WSQ Design the Desired Experience takes a deeper step into customer service management and design, and inspires learners to see their internal customer service approach through a different lens.

WSQ Develop Organisational Strategy towards Service Excellence and Recovery

WSQ Workplace Safety and Health for Food & Beverage Operations

Enhance F&B safety with the WSQ Workplace Safety and Health course.Focus on prevention,escalate hazards to supervisors and drive process improvements - Learn to take a proactive approach for a safer future in F&B operations.

WSQ Develop Effective Communication Skills

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