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We run on a “rolling calendar” so new classes are beginning all the time. Contact us for dates to find out when you can start.

Nearly all of our WSQ (Work Skills Qualifications)  courses are part time, running two evenings a week, unless otherwise specified.

Our AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) course is full time course and has a timetable that runs throughout the week. 

WSQ Certificate

Start Dates

WSQ Certificate in Tourist Guide ( Day)

Tourist Guide Courses
Please enquire to:
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WSQ Certificate in Tourist Guide ( Evenings /Sat Days)

WSQ Certificate in Attractions


WSQ Certificate in Tour & Travel Services


WSQ Advanced Certificate

WSQ Advanced Certificate in Attractions 


WSQ Advanced Certificate in MICE & Events


WSQ Diploma

WSQ Diploma in Tourism - Hospitality Management

QTR 3 2019

WSQ Diploma in Tourism - MICE and Events 


WSQ Specialist Diploma in Food Services (Food and Beverage Service) 


WSQ Graduate Diploma

WSQ Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality

2019 Intake Date TBA

AQF Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

16 Mar 2020

Advanced Diploma of Event Management

Commencing 2020

Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

Commencing 2020

Short Courses

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