Course Description

This skill describes the ability to respond to challenging service situations through the use of appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. It also includes recognising triggers which may lead to service challenges, use of service recovery procedures to respond to the challenges and escalating unresolved service challenges.

This course will provide your team members with the tools for the job - service excellence, communication team dynamics and how to respond to challenging service situations are all explored. Our trainers are Tourism & Hospitality professionals experienced in the industry and in delivering meaningful, enjoyable training.

The Angliss Experience

  • Learn from experienced tourism professionals, a diverse range of guest lecturers and industry leaders
  • Engage in in-depth discussions with other experienced participants and develop practical strategies for industry success
  • Becoming a William Angliss Alumni member with access to leading industry contacts and events

Class Date
21 Jan 2021

Course fee per trainee (excluding GST)
S$150 (before funding)

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