Course Description

This qualification is the ideal stepping stone towards your successful management career in Hotel & Accommodation Services.It will deliver operational and management skills and knowledge to help you climb the ladder in one of the world's and Singapore's fastest-growing industries.

This course focuses on understanding the hospitality industry, with a specific focus on Hotel and Accommodation services, operations and management. Offering a breadth of learning experiences and insights, this course will help learners understand how the industry is operated and managed and provide the essential skills & knowledge to succeed in this industry. With a solid grounding in hotel and accommodation services, learners will be prepared to enter their hotel or hospitality field of choice in a number of exciting roles.

The WSQ Diploma in Hotel and Accommodation Services offers exceptional learning experiences for participants dedicated to a successful career in hospitality management. Setting you up for management roles in the future across a range of venues and companies, you will develop the unique skill set required for delivering exceptional hospitality.

  1. We include complimentary workshops for all students including: Interview Skills, Resume Writing Techniques, Career Counselling and Social Media Marketing tips
  2. SkillsFuture Credit, UTAP & PSEA may be available for eligible students


  • Learn from experienced tourism professionals, who are all experienced in the Tourism & Hospitality industry
  • Engage in in-depth discussions with other participants from a diverse range of industry backgrounds, and develop practical strategies for industry success
  • Experience the Angliss way of learning, where classes are brought to life through field trips, guest speakers and some fun along the way.
  • Become a William Angliss Alumni member with access to leading industry contacts and events



Course Reference No


Course Intake

2022 Class Dates: 17 Nov, 15 Dec

Course Funding Period

30 Jun 2021 to 02 May 2023

Course Duration

Full Time - 3.5 months

Part Time - 7 months

Average Teacher - Student Ratio

1 teacher to a maximum of 20 students.

Course Hours

The duration of the WSQ Diploma in Hotel and Accommodation Services is 200 hours


Assessment - 32 hours
Classroom Training - 152 hours
Pratical Training Hours - 16 hours


Instructions may include Classroom Facilitated Training & Practical Training 


HAS-BIN-4066-1.1 Workplace Safety and Security Management (20hrs)
HAS-ENV-4002-1.1Implement Strategies to Address Sustainability Gaps (16hrs)
HAS-BIN-4039-1.1-1 People Management (24 hrs)
HAS-OTO-4007-1.1 Marketing Communications (20hrs)
HAS-HTO-4012-1.1 Housekeeping Operations (20hrs)
HAS-HTO-4005-1.1 Front Operations and Services (16hrs)
HAS-CEX-4035-1.1 Customer Experience (16hrs)
HAS-FIN-4001-1.1 Business Management (24hrs)



Competency Based Assessment for this qualification includes Practical Presentation, Oral Questioning and Written Questions. 


Attendance for WSQ Courses

  • Students are required to maintain a class attendance of 75% and above.

Unit Competency

  • Achieve 'Competent' for all units



Upon successful completion of this WSQ course, trainees will receive a WSQ Diploma in Hotel and Accommodation Services certificate.



Entry Requirements and Eligibility

Entry Requirement

William Angliss Institute accepts students on the basis of their demonstrated capacity to succeed and who meet the minimum requirements for the level of study and qualification being undertaken.

Entry requirements include:

  • Minimum 21 years old and above.
  • Academic requirements - Admission is on the basis of academic merit where students have completed GCE N levels with at least 2 passes, including English and Mathematics
  • Industry experience – where possible, or in the absence of suitable academic requirements, students with a demonstrated attitude, skills and knowledge, developed through industry experience of 2 years may be suitable. 
  • English language proficiency - students must have a good command of written and spoken English, Their English language proficiency must meet international language standards for entry into Diploma qualifications. E.g. IELTS (Academic Module overall 5.5, no band below 5.0) or GCSE N/O Levels pass in English.
  • Suitability to industry demonstrated through attitude and knowledge of Tourism, Hospitality, Food and Beverage or Catering Services industries.
  • Interest and passion in the Tourism, Hospitality, Food and Beverage or Catering Services industry.
  • Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Work Pass holders in Singapore are eligible to apply for the WSQ Diploma in Hotel and Accommodation Services course.

Other charges

  • Fee Protection Insurance: Payable on 1% of nett course fee before GST.
  • Subject to eligibility terms and conditions. Please contact Student Services for further information.
  • Funding is subject to SSG’s prevailing corporate policies and final approval.
  • This fee table represents a common funding scenario of 50% funding. Please note that individual students may have differing funding approvals i.e. 50-70%.


Gross course fee

$S 4,800.00

Up to 50% SSG Grant

$S 2,400.00

Nett Course Fee (before GST)

$S 2,400.00

Nett Course Fee Payable (with 8% GST)

$S 2,592.00

Additional funding for Singaporeans aged ≥ 40 under Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy Training Support For SMEs

$S 960.00

Nett Course Fee Payable (with 8% GST) after Additional Funding for Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy Training Support for SMEs

$S 1,632.00

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