The MICE & Events industry in Singapore is a growth industry, meaning jobs and career opportunities are abundant. For dedicated students with aspirations for a rewarding MICE & Events career, this Advanced Certificate course offers valuable interactive learning combined with practical experience and skills.

This course is aimed at providing participants with the required knowledge and skillset to successfully gain employment in this industry and commence their career pathway.

  • Learn from experienced MICE & Events professionals who have background in MICE & Events careers in Singapore.
  • Engage in in-depth discussions with other experienced participants and develop practical strategies for industry success
  • Experience the Angliss way of learning, where classes are brought to life through field trips, guest speakers and some fun along the way.
  • Becoming a William Angliss Alumni member with access to leading industry contacts and events


Course Reference No


Course Intake

Please contact us for our upcoming intakes

Course Funding Period

01 Jan 2019 to 10 Jul 2019

Course Duration

4 months (Full-time)

10 months (Part-time)

Average Teacher - Student Ratio

1 teacher to a maximum of 20 students.

Course Hours

The duration of the WSQ Advanced Certificate in MICE & Events is 254 hours:

• Core - 106 hrs
• Electives -132 hrs
• Assessment - 16 hrs


Mode of Instruction

Instruction may include lectures, discussions, excursions, guest speakers, demonstrations, case-studies, practical exercises and activities.


Course Structure

Core Units
A trainee must complete all 4 core units leading to at least 11 credits.


Elective Units
A trainee must complete at least 5 elective units leading to at least 15 credits.
In addition, there is a 2hr (nominal) assessment for each unit

Core Units

TH-BF-301C-0Monitor Income and Expenses (24 hrs)
TH-RM-301C-0Implement Loss Prevention (10 hrs)
TH-HRM-301C-0Conduct Orientation and Training (32 hrs)
TH-HRM-302C-0Supervise Staff (40 hrs)

MICE and Event Operations

TH-MEO-302E-0Co-ordinate Entertainment and Food and Beverage Services (40 hrs)
TH-MEO-307E-1Define MICE and Events Industry (16 hrs)

Sales and Marketing

TH-SM-301E-0 Implement Marketing Strategies (40 hrs)
TH-SM-302E-0 Implement Media Activities (20 hrs)

Service Excellence

SVCF-IR-301C-1 Manage Service Performance (16 hrs)

Assessment and Course Completion Criteria


Competency Based Assessment for the WSQ Advanced Certificate in MICE & Events may include Practical Performance, Role Plays, Oral Questioning, Workplace Observation, Written Questions, Industry Research Projects and/or feedback from workplace Supervisors.


Course Completion Criteria

Attendance for WSQ Courses

  • Student Pass Holders are required to maintain a class attendance of 90% and above as per Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) requirements.
  • Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and International students holding a DP/LTVP are required to maintain a class attendance of 75% and above.

Unit Competency

  • Achieve 'Competent' for all units


Certification and Articulation


Upon successful completion of this WSQ course, trainees will receive a WSQ Advanced Certificate in MICE & Events.


For progression, participants can pursue the WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Managerial level).

Entry Requirements and Eligibility

Entry Requirement
WSQ ES Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 6 or equivalent.


Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and International Students are eligible to apply for the WSQ Advanced Certificate in MICE & Events course.


Course Fees (excluding GST)

The WSQ Advanced Certificate in MICE & Events has the following course fees:

Gross WSQ course fee


Less 90% SSG grant*

The SSG Grant may be applicable for Singaporeans and PRs


Nett WSQ course fee